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Advanced Academic Programs offers enrichment programs for school age children in mathematics, physics, chemistry, robotics, programming and engineering, languages, music and art. We also offer Standardized Test (ACT, SAT, etc.) and Subject Test Preparation for High School Students.

The second decade of the 21st century brought about the realization that rapid and ever-accelerating technological progress will dramatically change human society and all aspects of our lives. It is a terrifying prospect for parents: we know that our children will live in a very different world than ours, and we all want to know how to prepare our children to face challenges that do not yet exist. Our mission at Roslyn Academic Programs is to guide both children and parents and help find answers to these questions. It is quite clear that robotics, computer science/artificial intelligence and mathematics will have an ever-increasing importance in the majority of future human professions. We teach children the ability to quickly and easily master new skills in problem solving, engineering, coding and design.


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Grades K-12 (2 levels: Fundamentals and Advanced); Competition Prep (Creative problem Solving);Prepare for a variety of Mathematics competitions, including, but not limited to Math Kangaroo, AMC-8 and AMC 10-12, Math Counts, MOEMS, county Math Olympiads, etc.; AP Calculus (AB and BC); SAT, SAT Subject, levels 1 and 2


Four levels (levels 0, 1, 2, 3); Grades 6 and up; AP Physics 1 and 2, and AP Physics C; Competition Prep


Ages 5 through 12 grade; Block programming (Scratch, Make-Code, Mine Craft etc.); Python; Java; AP Computer Science


We encourage our students to become innovators, creators of technology. We put an emphasis on creating interdisciplinary projects and integrating robotics and computer science into subjects from English to Math, Art, Music and beyond, on growing creative technical, problem-solving skills.


The new courses announced throughout the year. Examples: Wearable technology; Arduino Bootcamp; Paper Engineering; Polymer Clay .


We offer Standardized Test (ACT, SAT, etc.) and Test Preparation for High School Students. Also we are proud to be the Highlands Certified Consultant Company and are happy to offer Highlands Ability Battery testing for students, adults, and leaders who wish to discover more about their natural abilities and the role they play in their careers, learning, decision making process, work roles and much more.

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Check our Team

Tatiana Portnaya

PhD (mathematics), M.S.Ed (Mathematics and Computer Science), Founder and CEO, Highlands Co. certified consultant

David Ananikian

PhD (Theoretical Physics),
M.S.Ed (physics)

Larysa Ivanenko,

PhD,Language Arts Instructor

Elena Fedorova

MA,Front Desk, Administrator


Registration for 2022-2023 school year is ongoing. Classes are available both in-person and live online.

NEW for 2022-2023 school year: Supervised study (for those with the hybrid study form and working parents), School Program Reinforcement (extra help with the regular school program), Individually Tailored Study Plans (for the students and parents who have hard time navigating school curriculum and assignments in these uncertain times). More info… All of our classes are now also available as LIVE ONLINE CLASSES. Contact us to enroll or to learn more details.