School Programs


- Grades K-12 (2 levels: Fundamentals and Advanced); Competition Prep (Creative problem Solving); Prepare for a variety of Mathematics competitions, including, but not limited to Math Kangaroo, AMC-8 and AMC 10-12, Math Counts, MOEMS, county Math Olympiads, etc.; AP Calculus (AB and BC); SAT, SAT Subject, levels 1 and 2


Four levels (levels 0, 1, 2, 3). Grades 6 and up; AP Physics 1 and 2, and AP Physics C; Competition Prep


Ages 5 through 12 grade ; Block programming (Scratch, Make-Code, Mine Craft etc.); Python; Java; AP Computer Science


We encourage our students to become innovators, creators of technology. We put an emphasis on creating interdisciplinary projects and integrating robotics and computer science into subjects from English to Math, Art, Music and beyond, on growing creative technical, problem-solving skills.


The new courses announced throughout the year. Examples: Wearable technology; Arduino Bootcamp; Paper Engineering; Polymer Clay .

SCHOOL PROGRAM REINFORCEMENT and “DayCare” for the school age children

All day supervision and help with online classes; Mathematics and English language classes (small groups, private, or semi-private) for children who need help with their school studies. Designed to make sure that students will fully benefit from any form of learning.