Tuition and fees

Duration Price/year* Paid in 1 installment Paid in 2 installments
(includes 1.5% discount)
Paid in 10 installments
(includes 3% discount) total price each installment total price each installment
1hr $1,599.40 $1,551.42 $1,575.41 $787.70 1,599.40 159.94
1.5hr $2,192.60  $2,126.82 $2,159.71 $1,079.86 2,192.60 219.26
2hr $2,888.80 $2,802.14 $2,845.47 $1,422.73 2,888.80 288.88
2.5hr $3,792.00 $3,678.24 $3,735.12 $1,867.56 3,792.00 379.2

* class size 2 - 4 people 
** Printed material fee included in tuition
*** Material and supply fee will only be charged for classes requiring buying books, electronics (only for the ones that students will keep), art supplies, etc. 

Enrollment fee.

Both new and returning students were required to pay a non-refundable
$50 enrollment fee (unless the fee is waived by the School).

Attendance Policy 
1. All of our classes are accessible remotely. In case a student  can not attend a class(es) personally, parents need to notify the school at least 24hrs in advance in order to receive remote access. 
2. Make up classes can be offered in some special circumstances (but no more than 2 per year) 

Charges on Late Payments:  
Late payments (less than 30 days) are subject to a $35 fee.
All account balances unpaid more than 30 days after due date will be assessed a 2.5% (30%
annual) charge. The charge is computed monthly and is determined by applying a daily
periodic rate of 0833% to the adjusted balance on the account multiplied by the number of
days in the monthly billing cycle.

1. 3% discount is applied if you choose  "one payment plan".
2. 1.5% discount is applied if you chose "one payment plan"
3. 5% sibling discount is applied to the second, third, etc. child tuition ("first" child is the one with the higher tuition).
4. 7 % multidiscipline discount is applied if a student is taking 2 different classes per week, and 10% discount is applied if a student is taking 3 or more different classes per week.
5. 3% group rate discount is applied to the groups that register 4 or more children (can be from the different families) or 2 or more for the same class.
6. Referral discount. For each family you referred to us, the one-time discount equal to 10%  of their (new family) one month tuition payment is going to be applied to your yearly tuition price (all other qualifying discounts will be applied to your updated yearly tuition) .